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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Surgery is complete, Mom is doing well!

I got a call from my sister, Mel about an hour ago. The surgeon had just come from Mom's surgery. She did not have to get a replacement mytral valve, they were able to fix the original one. The patch on the ventricle required some kind of high-tech fabric to cover all the perforations and make a good patch and they only did one bypass.

Overall, the Doc said Mom was doing very well and she had no apparent complications during the procedures. There's still a concern about having to re-open her if there is any internal bleeding that can't be controlled with medication. The Doc called it about a 1 in 20 possibility.

I am very relieved. I'm still worried about her but I'm relieved that this hurdle has apparently been cleared without fault. I can't wait until I can talk to her again!

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